Amazon Basics


Module 1

Module Structure

Welcome & Orientation (Day 1) 4 Lessons

Welcome to the Amazon FBA Crash Course

Meet your Coach and learn what you can expect from this course.

Introduction to eCommerce

A brief explanation of what eCommerce is and a look at the history of eCommerce

Introduction to Amazon

A look at Amazon's humble beginnings and its growth into one of the most successful eCommerce platforms on earth.

Connecting the Dots – Opportunity Awaits

A brief discussion of how you can harness the power of Amazon to create your own successful online business.

Amazon Success Stories (Day 2) 2 Lessons

Normal People Who became Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Meet ordinary people who grabbed the Amazon opportunity with both hands and never looked back.

Module 1 QUIZ

A fun quiz to see how much you've learned from Module 1