Amazon Basics

Amazon FBA Crash Course: An Introduction to the Exciting World of Amazon

3 Modules 5 Chapters 23 Lessons Beginner

About this course

We designed this course for the ultimate beginner who knows little to nothing about eCommerce and the Amazon trading platform.

We’ll talk about what eCommerce and Amazon are, what it entails and how you can use Amazon to become a thriving online entrepreneur.

Course Structure

2 Chapters


Welcome & Orientation (Day 1) 4 Lessons

Welcome to the Amazon FBA Crash Course

Meet your Coach and learn what you can expect from this course.

Introduction to eCommerce

A brief explanation of what eCommerce is and a look at the history of eCommerce

Introduction to Amazon

A look at Amazon's humble beginnings and its growth into one of the most successful eCommerce platforms on earth.

Connecting the Dots – Opportunity Awaits

A brief discussion of how you can harness the power of Amazon to create your own successful online business.

Amazon Success Stories (Day 2) 2 Lessons

Normal People Who became Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Meet ordinary people who grabbed the Amazon opportunity with both hands and never looked back.

Module 1 QUIZ

A fun quiz to see how much you've learned from Module 1


What is Amazon FBA and How does it Work? (Days 3 and 4) 6 Lessons

What is “FBA”?

A look at the definition of "FBA" and the relationship between FBA and the Amazon Marketplace

How does FBA work?

A birds-eye view of the FBA process.

Amazon Marketplace and FBA Fees

A look at the costs involved when using the Amazon Marketplace and FBA.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using FBA

No business model is perfect and each one comes with benefits and disadvantages. The trick is choosing the one with the right balance of those benefits and disadvantages - in this lesson we weigh up the 'pros and cons' of FBA.

Why Choose Amazon FBA?

Amazon offers all the ingredients you need for success. Learn what they are.

Module 2, Chapter 1 QUIZ

A fun quiz to test your knowledge of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Business Models (Days 5 and 6) 6 Lessons

Introduction to the Different FBA Business Models

A word of caution about information overload and shiny-object syndrome, and how they relate to your journey as you learn more about Amazon FBA and its different business models.

Retail and Online Arbitrage

A quick look at the retail and online arbitrage business models.

Private Label

A quick look at the private label business model.


A quick look at the wholesale business model.

The ecomMEMBER Success Formula

In this lesson you'll learn how our Advanced Training Programme is structured to help you achieve the highest possible level of success as an online entrepreneur.

Module 2, Chapter 2 QUIZ

A fun quiz to test your knowledge of the different Amazon FBA business models.


How to Build a Successful Online Business with Amazon (Day 7) 5 Lessons

The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

When our goals are too high it's either too hard or impossible to reach them. In this lesson we talk about the importance of staying realistic.

Learn from the Best: Amazon’s 4 Pillars of Success

Being successful in your own right doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to model after those who have proven their methods work the best - like Amazon. In this lesson whe learn what makes Amazon so successful.

Best Practices for Selling on Amazon

Tips to help you stand out above your competitors on Amazon.