Amazon Basics

Normal People Who became Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Lesson 5 Chapter 2 Module 1

(Start of Day 2)


Marvin had a good enough job and his family was doing OK. But like you, he wanted a better life. He hated the idea of "work until you're sixty-something and THEN you can enjoy life..."

Then something terrible happened - the thing most people fear. His father, who had been retired for a few short months, died. 

This was a wake-up call like no other for Marvin.

Shortly after his father's death, Marvin's third child was born. Around that time, he jumped into action with Amazon FBA.

He chose to do Online Arbitrage, one of the Amazon business models we teach on ecomMEMBER. We'll talk about Online Arbitrage in the upcoming module.

Marvin started with a budget of $500. In four months, he had an online business generating $10,000 per month in sales.​​

If he could do it, why can't you?


If you think becoming a successful online entrepreneur (or any kind of entrepreneur) is reserved for individuals born with special talents, this success story is for you...

Max Ash has language learning difficulties associated with dyslexia.

He loves basketball and hot chocolate. One day during art class at school, he combined his two passions and created a clay mug with a hoop on it.

When his parents saw how Max's friends enjoyed playing with his humble creation, they jumped into action and helped him patent his idea. Soon after, they joined Amazon FBA. 

Today this young man (15) has a thriving business and helps support his family.  Five percent of the profit from each of Max's mugs goes to charities and nonprofit organisations aimed at helping children with learning difficulties.

If Max and his family could do it, why can't you? 


Lisa's life was devastated when her marriage ended. All of a sudden she was solely responsible for paying the house and taking care of her children.

After the divorce, Lisa had to decide whether she would take a leap of faith and continue selling men's grooming supplies (a little business she started on the sideline before she got divorced) or whether she would get a job to pay the bills.

She took a leap of faith instead and went all-in, using Amazon FBA to establish and grow her brand, Fieldworks Supply Company.

Like so many others, Lisa never looked back. 

"I just want to send a thank-you card to Amazon customers because they're the reason that Fieldworks Supply Company is still here and is successful," Dolezal said. "I get a little choked up, honestly. The dream of having this business could have been over. But we turned the corner. Our Amazon sales are the reason we're able to launch new products and hire people."


The stories above are a few out of thousands. I hope they inspired you and helped you see how ordinary people like you can create better lives for themselves and their families through Amazon.

Are you retired? A young couple looking for adventure? A single mom/dad? A student who wants to start earning money? It doesn't matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you can start an online business through Amazon and become successful.

If you work hard and put everything into it, you could have a $10,000 per month business this time next year.